639 Identifier Documentation: cts

Northern Catanduanes Bikol [cts]

Identifier Language Name(s) Status Code Sets Scope Language Type Denotations
cts Northern Catanduanes Bikol Active 639-3 Individual Living Ethnologue, Glottolog, Multitree, Wikipedia

Northern Catanduanes Bikol is a member of the macrolanguage Bikol.

Macrolanguage Individual Languages
Identifier Reference Name
bik Bikol
Identifier Reference Name Status
bcl Central Bikol Active
bhk Albay Bicolano Deprecated 2010-01-15
bln Southern Catanduanes Bikol Active
bto Rinconada Bikol Active
cts Northern Catanduanes Bikol Active
fbl West Albay Bikol Active
lbl Libon Bikol Active
rbl Miraya Bikol Active
ubl Buhi'non Bikol Active

Code Change History

Change Request Number Effective Date Change Type Change Attribute Old Value New Value
2011-067 2012-02-03 Update Name Bicolano, Northern Catanduanes Northern Catanduanes Bikol