639 Identifier Documentation: hmw

Western Mashan Hmong [hmw]

Identifier Language Name(s) Status Code Sets Scope Language Type Denotations
hmw Western Mashan Hmong, Western Mashan Miao Active 639-3 Individual Living Ethnologue, Glottolog, Multitree, Wikipedia

Western Mashan Hmong is a member of the macrolanguage Hmong.

Macrolanguage Individual Languages
Identifier Reference Name
hmn Hmong
Identifier Reference Name Status
blu Hmong Njua Deprecated 2008-01-14
cqd Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao Active
hea Northern Qiandong Miao Active
hma Southern Mashan Hmong Active
hmc Central Huishui Hmong Active
hmd Large Flowery Miao Active
hme Eastern Huishui Hmong Active
hmg Southwestern Guiyang Hmong Active
hmh Southwestern Huishui Hmong Active
hmi Northern Huishui Hmong Active
hmj Ge Active
hml Luopohe Hmong Active
hmm Central Mashan Hmong Active
hmp Northern Mashan Hmong Active
hmq Eastern Qiandong Miao Active
hms Southern Qiandong Miao Active
hmw Western Mashan Hmong Active
hmy Southern Guiyang Hmong Active
hmz Hmong Shua Active
hnj Hmong Njua Active
hrm Horned Miao Active
huj Northern Guiyang Hmong Active
mmr Western Xiangxi Miao Active
muq Eastern Xiangxi Miao Active
mww Hmong Daw Active
sfm Small Flowery Miao Active

Code Change History

Change Request Number Effective Date Change Type Change Attribute New Value
2007-131 2008-01-14 Update Name Add Western Mashan Miao as additional name