639 Identifier Documentation: mly

Malay (individual language) [mly]


Last Active Denotation:
Identifier Language Name(s) Status Code Sets Scope Language Type Denotations
mly Malay (individual language) Deprecated 639-3 Individual Living Ethnologue, Glottolog, Multitree, Wikipedia

Malay (individual language) is a member of the macrolanguage Malay (macrolanguage).

Macrolanguage Individual Languages
Identifier Reference Name
msa Malay (macrolanguage)
Identifier Reference Name Status
bjn Banjar Active
btj Bacanese Malay Active
bve Berau Malay Active
bvu Bukit Malay Active
coa Cocos Islands Malay Active
dup Duano Active
hji Haji Active
ind Indonesian Active
jak Jakun Active
jax Jambi Malay Active
kvb Kubu Active
kvr Kerinci Active
kxd Brunei Active
lce Loncong Active
lcf Lubu Active
liw Col Active
max North Moluccan Malay Active
meo Kedah Malay Active
mfa Pattani Malay Active
mfb Bangka Active
min Minangkabau Active
mly Malay (individual language) Deprecated 2008-02-18
mqg Kota Bangun Kutai Malay Active
msi Sabah Malay Active
mui Musi Active
orn Orang Kanaq Active
ors Orang Seletar Active
pel Pekal Active
pse Central Malay Active
tmw Temuan Active
urk Urak Lawoi' Active
vkk Kaur Active
vkt Tenggarong Kutai Malay Active
xmm Manado Malay Active
zlm Malay (individual language) Active
zmi Negeri Sembilan Malay Active
zsm Standard Malay Active

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2007-183 2008-02-18 Split